Editing Custom post type with Elementor Theme Builder requires having Elementor Pro

If you bought the theme after version 1.9.20, your single listing template for Theme Builder will be imported with the Setup Wizard.
If you’re upgrading from previous versions, you need to import the file as shown in the video below. You can find the file here: https://listeo.pro/elementor-single-listing-template.json or in your ‘extras’ folder when you download ‘All Files & Documentation’ from https://themeforest.net/downloads.

Here’s a short video guide on how to use it:

Please note that you need to use one of your listings as a preview (around 00:28 in the video). Otherwise, Elementor will use the standard post view to load the template preview, which won’t make much sense for listing content.
This functionality will be expanded with new options and more control for widgets based on your feedback and theme development.”