Listeo offers listing type taxonomies (Rental Categories, Service Categories, Event Categories) to be related to the main Listing Category taxonomy.

To use that option, go to Listeo Core → Browse/Search Options → Make “listing type” taxonomy related to categories – set to Enabled.

Now, when you edit any category in Listings → Categories, you can set to which Listing Type taxonomy it will be connected

Now, you have to have in Search Form all those taxonomies added as element (You can add them in Listeo Editor → Search Forms).

The Listing Type search field (rental/service/event) will be displayed now based on user selection of Listing Category.

Also, when Listing Owner will go to Add Listing page form, he will see only categories in Listing Category field that are related to the Listing Type he chose on first step.

An example of usage

In this example we created main category “Real Estate” and assigned a few sub categories for “rental” listing type.

Once the user chooses the Real Estate category, they will encounter an additional filter that enables them to refine listings specifically categorized under Real Estate.