In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can create a new field for you listing and how you can search by it.

First, create Custom Field.

Let’s got to your wp-admin → Listeo Editor → Listings Fields. Here are 6 tabs with grouped fields. Only fields from Service/Rental/Event tab are automatically displayed in listing above the content.

Ok, let’s add field to service type named “Color

and that should leave us with this options:

let’s say we want this field to be able to take multiple value, so change the Type to Multi Select.

In the Options table we’ll add the values for that select field.

please note the Name is what user will see, the Value is what will be saved in database, so try to not use any special characters for it.

With this new field defined, if we go to one of our listings in WordPress editor, we will see it as new field option:

Now let’s add it to Add Listing Form. Go to Listeo Editor → Add Listing Form, scroll to section you want and click Add Field, and select the field we added

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page, now edit that field again, if you want to make it multiple choice, make sure it’s set as this:

Now our Submit Listing form should present our new field:

The last step would be to make a filter from that field in the search forms. Let’s add it to sidebar search form. To do this, go to Listeo Editor →  Search Forms -> Sidebar Search tab, and from Available Searchable Elements in the right side, drag and drop the Colors field to the Main Elements. Save the changes, now edit the field again and make sure it’s set like on this screenshot


and here we go, working search form: