If you are not familiar with WooCommerce we recommend checking the official documentation first. 🙂

Configurating WooCommerce Settings
WooCommerce Core Payments Options
Shop Currency
Setting Up Taxes in WooCommerce

How to add product package?

Listeo has monetization functionality. It’s using WooCommerce to give you opportunity to be able to earn money. You can require users to buy a listing package before submitting a listing.

To create packages install and configure WooCommerce on your WordPress (it’s already done if you’ve used our Setup Wizard)

In Products → Add new, change the Product Type to “Listing Package“. Now you can describe package and configure it.

Except the standard Price and Discount fields, you’ll see 3 new:

  1. Listing Limit – set the number of listings user can add after buying that package. Leave empty for unlimited submissions.
  2. Listing Duration – set how long the listings are visible until they are expired
  3. Featured Listing? if this checkbox is marked, all listings added using this package will be marked with “featured” badge

How to make pricing package featured?