Remember there are settings in Listeo Core -> Registration regarding the form, this instruction below is only for custom fields.

If you want to change names or Owner/Guest role, use this method: How to change some texts/words?

In Listeo you can add custom fields to user registration.

First you have to define those fields. Go to Listeo Editor -> User Fields. There are two tabs for Guest and Owner as you can set those fields separately for each role.

Click the green button Add field, type a name and click OK, you will see box with new field and options for that field

you can switch Type of this field to select, radio, checkbox or even file upload field.

Those fields will be now added also to My profile page in Listeo Dashboard.

When you are ready click Save Changes and  go to Listeo Editor -> Registration Fields


Here you will see the field you’ve just created in the Available Fields section in the right side, you can simply drag&drop it to the fields area, and save.


That way this field will be now added to your registration form. You can change the label or set a new icon for that field.