Listeo theme is translation ready. We that assume your WordPress is already in your language. If not, go to Dashboard → Settings → General and change the Site language.

You have to translate Listeo Theme and Listeo Core*

  1. wp-content/themes/listeo/languages
  2. wp-content/plugins/listeo-core/languages

* Also you might need to translate plugins Listeo Elementor or Listeo Shortcode

Let’s Start

Install plugin  Loco Translate. After successful installation go to Loco Translate -> Manage Localization, you should see this screen:
Download Loco Translate

Click  New language, select your language and choose a location, makes sure it’s either System or Custom location, avoid Author location, this way you won’t lose translations if you update theme/plugins (more about it)

Click Start Translating.

Now you should see that screen where you can translate each string that is used in theme:

When you’re done, click Save, and it’s also recommended to click both “Po” and “Mo” buttons to save them on your PC as a backup.