[Discalimer] Listeo supports hundreds of payment gateways however split payment could be technically integrated only with PayPal (at least at this moment). It’s optional and you don’t have to use it. 🙂

Listeo offers option to split payment made for bookings, that way you as site admin don’t have to worry about transfering money back to listing owners. It’s automatically split between the vendor and you, so you get your commission, and listing owner gets his part for booking.

Feature not found in any other theme. 😎

This feature requires PayPal Payouts option enabled on your PayPal account.

In order to use this service, you must have a business PayPal account in good standing and with no withdrawal limits and  applied for and received PayPal permission to use these services. To apply for that check details here.

How to configure it?

Step 1

Go to Paypal’s Developer portal and click on Dashboard in the dropdown located on the top left of the screen. Now go to My Account and check if you have Payouts API enabled, there should be a green check mark next to it. If you don’t you need to apply for it.

Step 2

Once the above is done, go to My Apps & Credentials. Scroll down till you find the REST API apps” section. Click the Live option on the Sandbox/Live button. Next, click the Create App button. Provide name and click Create App“. Now on the My Apps page you have your new app listed, click it to open a page with credentials.

Step 3.

in new tab login to your Listeo site wp-admin, go to Listeo Core -> PayPal Payout, set it to Active. Choose the Live Environment, and provide your details from the App Credentials

And that’s pretty much this.

Now make sure that you have PayPal configured as Payment option in WooCommerce → SettingsPayments

How does it really work?

If you configured things above correctly, your listing owners will have to provide their paypal email in Wallet →  Set Payout Methods → PayPal Payout. They will see notification in their dashboard about this requirement.

Now, when someone pays for booking, as before it will create a Order in WooCommerce (and that Order will have to have it’s status set as Completed, manually or using Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders)  and the payment minus the commission will be automatically send to listing owner.  In wp-admin -> Commissions you will see list of payouts, you might see them with status “Pending”

Here’s why you might see this status. Pending states payments will return to your account after 30 days if the payment is not collected.