Feature available since Listeo version 1.9

Listeo offers support for Stripe Connect that allows you to automatically split the payment for a booking and send part of the payment to the listing’s Owner and part to you as a site owner. Stripe Connect is a service provider for marketplace payment solutions.

This requires having the official WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway installed and configured, only the payments made by this gateway will be split.

With Stripe you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards, and even Bitcoin and is supported in 47 countries

With a Stripe Connect, you create a platform to which Listing Owners can signup and “connect” and that helps you automate payments and simplifies the usage of your site.


How it works

You have to enable your Connect Platform in Stripe dashboard. After properly configuring both Stripe and WordPress according to instructions below, the Wallet page will have an option “Connect to Stripe“.

Any Listing Owner who will click this button will be going through the “onboarding” process where he will set his own Stripe account and connect it to your platform. From now on every booking that will be made using Listeo that will be paid with Stripe gateway will be automatically splitted and you as platform owner will get the commission and the Owner will get his earning directly to his Stripe account. The money is then payout automatically by Stripe based on the settings or rules (it’s different based on the country)


How to configure Stripe Connect in Listeo

Let’s get started

  •  Create a stripe account by visiting https://stripe.com/.
  • After successful registration login to Stripe Dashboard go to Connect, then go to “Get started with Connect“, where you will be able to complete your platform profile and add required informations to enable payments on your account
  • Enable Test Mode
  • Get Client ID. For that go to Settings (the cog icon above the “Test mode”), scroll down to Integration section, copy your Test Client ID and paste it in Listeo Core -> Stripe Connect -> Stripe Connect Test mode Client ID.
  • Turn on both OAuth Settings
  • in Redirects section click +Add URL, and add there a link to your wallet page with /?stripe-setup=yes at the end, so the whole link would be
  • Now Switch to Live mode and repeat those steps, get the Live Client ID to set it in Listeo Core, enable OAuth settings and add Redirect.
  • Setting up WooCommerce payment gateway:
  • Install WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Go to wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments, find Stripe on the list, go to Manage and connect to your stripe account, it should automatically get all required API keys, but to be sure go to Settings, click Edit Account Keys and make sure both test and live keys are set.
  • Set the webhook in your Stripe Account Settings as it’s explained in the popup. It’s important as this webhook is what is used to get data about payment. Make sure the webhook type is set to Account, not Connect.
  • It’s important to know that this feature in Listeo is in its early stage and although we did a lot of testing we strongly encourage to run it in Test mode first to make sure everything works as expected. To do that go to wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> Stripe -> Manage -> Settings and check the “Enable test mode” checkbox

After Connecting to Stripe, users will have a new box in Wallet page with few informations about his account and option to login directly to Stripe Dashboard to see all details about the payments to his account.

Example view of Stripe Dashboard for Listing Owner