Adding post and pages in Listeo is the same as in any regular WordPress theme, however we’ve added few more option and here’s the description of them.

You’ll find these options below the content editor.

  1. Page Top Section – you can use Regular Titlebar (just a page title on grey background), Parallax image ( Page title with optional subtitle is displayed over an image) or disable the titlebar (useful for homepage). For Parallax, you need to upload image in option Parallax background for header
  2. Regular Titlebar Style – you can have solid gray titlebar of with gray gradient
  3. Glue” footer to content – Removes the top margin from footer section, so there’s no gap between content and the footer.
  4. Footer color style – style picker for footer (there’s a dark and light layout available)
  5. Sticky header –Enables sticky header for this page, even if it disabled in global settings
  6. Page Layout – here you can set layout of page, switch it to full-width or set left/right sidebar
  7. Subtitle – optional subtitle below the main page title, not always available
  8. Selected Sidebar – if you have created custom sidebars (that can be done in Appearance -> Customize) – you can set it here.