How to add Coupons functionality to Listeo

This step can be skipped in new theme installations. It applies only for installations that were updated from the version without coupons feature.

  1. Create new page, named it e.g. “Coupons” and in content of that page add [listeo_coupons]
  2. in Page Attributes, as Page Template choose “Dashboard Page
  3. Save and publish this page
  4. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Listeo Core → Pages and select your newly created page for Coupons option

How to set up a new coupon

To add a new coupon, go to Dashboard → Coupons and click Add New Coupon. The opening screen will present you with the coupon code and other settings.

How to set up a coupon widget

If you would like to display a widget with coupon code and description first you have to add Coupon Widget in Appearance → Widgets for Single Listing Page

Then you can select specific coupon and enable widget for each listing in listing editor: