Until version 1.4.3 the “date range” field was used only to search for rental listing types. Since 1.4.3 we’ve added support for event type listing, but because of the way the search works, you can search for rentals and for events at the same time. For rentals, we’re looking for dates where the listing have no bookings made, and for event we search for dates which are in the selected range.

Setting Up date range

Go to Listeo Editor -> Search Form, choose the type of search form, if it already has Date range field click it to open, if no, drag the Date range field from Available searchable elements to the place in Search form, and click Save.

Now, click this new field to open its options. You should see this.

By choosing Rentals, you will limit Date Range only to rental listing type, and by choosing Event you will search only for events.

If you have both types and want to allow users to choose, select the last option, and drag from the Available searchable elements  the Listing Type field, that will allow user to select which listing types they want to search for.

You can of course remove service type as this won’t be returning any results. Date search for services is currently not available.