All new created websites are required by Google to use an API key to access the Google Maps API services.

Do I need to Google API key?

You need Google API key if you would like to use Google Maps, Google Autocomplete and radius search feature in our theme. Otherwise it’s not necessary and you can use OpenStreetMap or other providers.

Step 1: Create New Project

Go to Google Developer console and create new projec: click “Select Project” then “New Project”

Select a name for your API key and click “Create”

Step 2: Generate API Key

Click “APIs & Services”

Then select “Credentials” tab, click on “Create Credentials”

You’ll see generated API key. Copy and save it. You will need it later.

Step 3: Configure API Key

After generating the key, simply click on it to access its configuration options.

You need to restrict key to domain by checking “Websites” under application restriction section.

If you’re creating API key for radius search functionality, please check Step 6 first

Afterward, select the “Add” option and input your domain in the correct format. Please remember to enclose your domain with asterisks (*) at both the beginning and end (after / slash). This step is crucial as it ensures access to the API key for all subdomains and subpages.

Here’s an example of the correct format (without a dot before the domain)**

Step 4: Enable APIs for your project


To use APIs you have to enable billing which can be done separately (see Usage and Billing) or when obtaining your API key. The initial $200 of monthly usage is free, and you’re unlikely to surpass this limit.

Charges are based on actual usage, and you can monitor rates and spending in your Google Cloud Platform Console. Set daily quotas to prevent unexpected spikes and configure billing alerts to receive email notifications for customizable charge thresholds.

Open menu button in top left corner, click “More Options” then scroll down to Google Maps Platform and select Overview

Click “Enable APIS”

To make sure that all required APIs are enabled head over to APIs & Services, select “Enabled” filter and check if Places API, Maps JavaScript API and Geocoding API are enabled (you should see “DISABLE” sign which means they are enabled).

Step 5: Add API Key in Listeo Core

Go to Listeo Core → Map Settings and paste your API key in “Google Maps API Key” field.

Step 6: Unrestricted API key for radius search and geocoding

Radius search functionality requires key without domain restriction. To generate such key skip the first step in this tutorial. Instead, follow steps 2 through 3, but when you reach step 3, do not restrict the key to your domain. This key will be exclusively utilized on the backend and will not be visible to anyone.

Then add unrestricted key in Listeo Core under “radius search settings”

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