Listeo supports multi-vendor marketplace with independent stores of each listing owner/vendor. Similar to Etsy each users can create own store with products. On listing pages vendor can display products from his store and an advertising widget that links to his shop.

Dokan is required only for multi-vendor marketplace feature.
Booking functionality is built into theme and does not need Dokan. 

Step 1

Install Dokan plugin:

Step 2

Create 2 pages: Store Dashboard and Store Listings

Before adding shortcode enable code editor in Gutenberg

Store Dashboard requires setting template to “dashboard” and  following shortcode in content: [dokan-dashboard]

Store Listings requires: [dokan-stores]

Step 3

Once you created these two pages please go to Dokan → Settings → Page Settings and assign Dashboard and Store Listings pages.

Step 4

If you would like to have shopping cart in header you can enable it in Appearance → Customize → Header → Display Cart in header

Step 5

Enable selling capability for newly registered users in WP Admin → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options.

For already registered users you need to add selling capability for each user by editing user permissions in WP Admin → Users → User you want to edit → Selling