Listeo has an iCal synchronisation tool that allows you to import/export booking dates from your listing to exchange that data with 3rd party services like Google Calendar or AirBnb booking schedule.

You can add link to your listing ical file to for example airbnb and import your airbnb calendar to your listing in Listeo to avoid any risk of overbooking.  Reservations  dates of you your apartment in airbnb will be marked as booked in your listing in Listeo. This also works with any other calendar software that allows importing/exporting dates in ics/ical format.

How to set it up?

How does it work?

Listeo runs w cron job that periodically (every 30 minutes) checks if your listing has any iCal feed imported, and if it does it imports all dates from those feeds to create a reservations in bookings table. This happens also immediately  if you add a feed, and if you delete the feed it removes all reservations added from that feed. Those reservations are not visible in your Bookings section, they are just stored in database to block available dates for your listing.