Property is a custom post type used to display real estate listings on your site. It’s added by Realteo plugin and it’s the core of the Findeo theme.

Adding properties via Dashboard is similar to adding posts, but properties comes with many more options:

Property Fields

Those are 4 main tabs defining basic property elements. Here you can set Price, Price per scale (you can set the scale in Realteo Options), Offer Type, Property Type, and Rental Period if Offer Type is set to “Weekly”

In Main Details you can set Custom ID of the listings, set the Area size and total number of  Rooms, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In Location you can set address of the property. The Google Maps Address field it the one you need to start with, this field is powered by Google Autosuggestion, and the result is geocoded on the fly to the Latitude and Longitude that is later used to display marker on the map. Additionally, if the suggested google address is too long or too detailed you have the regular “Address field” where you can put more friendly address that will be displayed on your site instead of the long one.

The last tab is “Details” that hold custom list of additional features defining the property – it’s not used in search, it;s just for the description purpose.

Property Gallery

Here you can upload and select images that will be displayed in gallery slider in Single Property view. There are 3 default styles for galleries

  1. Style 1 example
  2. Style 2 example
  3. Style 3 example

Additionally you should set “Featured Image” for each property (just like for post) In some cases, if the featured image is not added, the first image from gallery will be used.

Findeo Property Options

Here you can select custom sidebar for this property and set Slider Image – this is optional and used for Slider element, example of that slider is

Property Taxonomies

  1. Features – custom taxonomy for properties, used in search forms
  2. Regions – custom taxonomy for properties to group them by location, used in search forms