All new created websites are required by Google to use an API key to access the Google Maps API services.


To use the Maps JavaScript API, you must enable billing. You can enable billing separately (see Usage and Billing) or when you get your API key.

Why do I need to generate API key?

If you’ve used Setup Wizard and imported demo content, you’ll see that your maps are probably working. This is because Setup Wizard installs you our public API key that is shared between all other Findeo installation where users just installed it or haven’t configured own API yet. Unfortunately there are limits on API calls and if they are exceeded, the maps functionality stops working. That’s why you need your own API key.

How to generate API key?

To generate your API key, you need to  access the Google Developer console. In the Google Developers Console, follow these steps:

Create Project

Generate API Key

It’s important to add your website URL to ” Accept requests from these HTTP referrers” field, make sure to add it as


This way all subdomains and subpages will be accepted. After adding it, click Create. It sometimes takes couple minutes to have your site accepted.

Make sure your domain is wrapped with asterisks like in example. Sometimes however this is not enough and you’ll see errors in Chrome Console that you’re website is not authorized to use that API. In that case, set the Key Restriction to “None

Copy API Key

and paste it in Realteo Option → General Options → Google Maps API key

Enable APIs

Go to Overview → Google APIs and click  Google Maps JavaScript API –  Enable the service.

APIs you need to enable to get full functionality of Findeo are marked on this screenshot

Add API Key

Go to Realteo → General Options and paste your API key in “Google Maps API Key” field