In Findeo 1.2.0 we’ve introduced new feature called agencies.
We took different approach than other themes regarding that.

The Agency in Findeo is a Custom Post Type, as an admin you can find it in your Dashboard -> Agencies.

However in the front-end of Findeo, the agencies are created by agents. The process is:

  1. User registers as Agent
  2. Agent can create Agency in his “User Dashboard” section
  3. The Agency needs to be approved by page admin to be published
  4. When the Agency is published, Agent can invite other Agents to his Agency
  5. Invited Agent gets email notification and can confirm the invitation (or reject it) in his User Dashboard section
  6. If he confirms it, he is assigned to this Agency, and all his properties are displayed on that Agency page.

Example of single agency page

Example of agencies listing page

Setting up Agency Pages

If you’ve bought theme after version 1.2.0 those pages are automatically imported by Setup Wizard, however if you have older version and you’ve just updated to new one, please create 2 new static pages.

  • name the first one e.g “Manage Agency” and as content of that page add [realteo_agency_managment]
  • The second page name as e.g “Submit Agency” and as content of that page add [realteo_agency_submit].

Now go to Dashboard -> Realteo Options -> Pages, and choose those pages in the last two options