Realteo is our Real Estate plugin that powers the Findeo theme.

Here’s the description of all Settings and things you need to set in case you haven’t or couldn’t use Findeo Setup Wizard.

You’ll find all the settings in Dashboard → Realteo Options. There are currently 3 tabs.

General Options

Here you can set currency that will be used on your site, it’s position (before or after the number), the scale, and most importantly – the Google Maps API Key. Here’s how to generate your own API key – this is required for the plugin to work correctly.


Realteo creates few areas for users accessible from front-end, for submitting and managing properties. You need to set those pages in that options

Each of those pages need to have the shortcode that is mentioned in the description under each option.

Property Submit

Realteo offers front-end submit property form.

With the option “Admin approval required” all properties submitted by users will be saved as Drafts/Pending and not visible on your site. Admin has to approve them first

With the option “Paid Properties” users are required first to pay for the property listing to be able to submit it. It uses WooCommerce to power the products and payments, so there are dozens of payments gates available to process the payments. Paid Properties packages are explained here

When users adds the property it’s saved with status “Pending Payment” – if the orders is processed (paid) the property status will be automatically changed to Pending (if admin approval required) or Published

With the option “Property duration”  you set the number of days after which the property will be unpublished and set to the status “Expired”. Setting it to 0 will make properties published forever (or as long as admin or owner removes it)

Additionally, the paid properties packages might have different number of expiration days, which will have higher priority over this setting.