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SVG icon not displayed correctly

If you encounter issues with an SVG icon not appearing correctly, you need to opt for a different icon.

This problem often arises when the selected icon has hardcoded white background or contains other elements that conflict with the theme’s functionality which adjust the colors of SVG icons to match with the default theme color settings.

We recommend icons library. Use only outlined and monocolor icons.


Registration is disabled – what to do?

This is very basic WordPress setting. Simply head over to the Settings → General page in your WordPress admin area. Scroll down to the ‘Membership’ section and check the box next to ‘Anyone can register’ option.

Mobile Menu Customization

Listeo offers customizable mobile menu. You can create separated menu list that will be displayed only on mobile devices and add custom widgets in menu panel.

Custom menu list for mobile devices

Go to Appearance → Menus then create new menu list and click “Mobile Menu” checkbox

Widgets in menu panel

Go to Appearance → Widgets and add new widget for

PDF Invoices


You will only need WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin to begin with.


Navigate to your WP Dashboard→Plugins→Add New→Search.

Dokan PDF Invoice installation

From here, first search for and install the WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips and then search and install the Dokan PDF Invoice plugin. For both modules, click on Install Now, and then click on Activate.

Do not install Dokan PDF Invoice at first. Doing so will cause it to malfunction.

Dokan PDF Invoice


The invoice comes in PDF format (.pdf) and is readable by any pdf viewer. The file downloads to your default or predefined download folder.


Dokan PDF Invoice has a threefold usability. Admin, Seller and Customers have their own menu of generating invoices through this add-on.

Note: This is something that gets many people confused. When you are generating a invoice of an order with sub-order, you will only get the name of the Market and names of the Vendors/Seller only. However, if you generate individual invoices for the sub-orders separately, you will get full address and information of the Vendor.

Important to note

You need to head over to wp-admin→woocommerce→pdf invoices→template and add your market logo and information there for a proper output of your invoices.

Usage – Vendor

Vendors can also generate their invoices. Vendor has to go to Seller Dashboard→Orders press the Dokan PDF Invoice button which appears at the right of each order. The admin and seller’s invoice are absolutely the same.

Usage – Customer

Customers can also get their invoices for the orders they make. Customer has to go to My Orders and click Download Invoice (PDF).

The customer invoice is something like this:

customer invoice

Order types and Invoices

If you are creating a single invoice from an order which has suborders you will get an invoice with the admin/market address with only the sellers shop name. Something like this –

Order types

You can generate separate invoices for the sellers of the suborder and it will have the full address and information of the seller/shop.


Creating products as a vendor using is super easy. After your vendor registered on your marketplace, they can easily create products and customize them from an intuitive dashboard.

Creating product from Vendor dashboard

To create a product, navigate to the vendor dashboard. And then click on Products from the left menu. After that click on the Add New Products button from the top right corner.

Managing products