WooCommerce Paid Listings is a plugin for WP Job Manager which lets you purchase Job Listing Packages and Resume Packages (as products) which are then used to post listings.

Setting up WooCommerce products as job/resume packages

After installation the first thing you’ll need to do is setup some products in WooCommerce which job submitters can purchase.

  1. Create a new product
  2. Select a package product type:
    1. Job Package – A package which lets a user post X jobs before expiring.
    2. Resume Package – A package which lets a user post X resumes before expiring. Requires Resume Manager add-on.
    3. Job Package Subscription – Requires WooCommerce Subscriptions. See below for more information.
    4. Resume Package Subscription – Requires WooCommerce Subscriptions and Resume Manager add-on. See below for more information.
  3. Enter price and other product details like any other product. Job/Resume Package products can be free or paid – your choice!
  4. Package specific options are as follows: Screen-Shot-2013-09-22-at-12.37.28
    • Listing limit – How many job or resume listings this package lets you create once purchased. Can be left blank for unlimited posting.
    • Listing duration – How long job/resume listings last (in days) before expiring when using this package.
    • Feature listings? – Whether or not job listings should be featured when using this package.
  5. Publish the product

The published package will then be available during job submission.

Subscriptions Support

Job Packages can also be subscriptions, but this requires the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension from WooThemes. You can have both Job and Resume Subscription packages.

Subscriptions can work in two ways.

  1. The Package is Linked to the Subscription
  2. From version 2.3.0, there is an option to link to Subscription to the Listing

If the subscription is linked to the package, the user will be able to post X amount of listings per subscription term. Renewals reset the package and allow the user to make more postings.

If the subscription is linked to the listing, the user will be able to post a limit of X active listings which will expire when the subscription expires. Failure to renew will expire the listings.

Job Submission Flow

WC Paid Listings will change the job submission process slightly to add the required purchase/job pack steps. This is how it should happen:

  1. User fills in the job submission form as normal
  2. User previews the job as normal
  3. In the preview header, rather than a ‘submit’ button, a ‘choose package’ button will be shown: Screen-Shot-2013-09-22-at-12.08.38
  4. When clicked, the choose a package screen will be displayed. This page lists all Job Package products and previously purchased active job packs: Screen-Shot-2013-09-22-at-12.24.56
  5. User chooses a package and clicks submit.
    • If this is a new package, it will be added to the WooCommerce cart, referencing the Job ID. Once paid for, the job will be approved and the package assigned to the user.
    • If this is a package that has already been purchased, the job will be submitted right away.

The same flow is used for resumes: Enter resume details > Preview > Choose Package > Checkout.