Job Listing is displayed on the map if it is geolocated, so if it has latitude and longitude values. For that to happen, you need to create an unrestricted Google Maps API key and add it in Job Listings -> Settings -> Google Maps API

Learn how to create Google Maps API key here

In this case skip the part where you set ‘Accept requests from these HTTP referrers’, set it to ‘None’ instead

When the job is geocoded?

Calls to the Google API are made when:

  • A job is submitted.
  • The location of a job is changed.
  • Jobs are imported (using WP All Import) that have location data.

Geolocation data for a particular location is cached for 1 week, so an API call is not necessarily made every time in the above instances.

It’s explained in WPJM documentation

If you already added jobs before configuring API key, you have to update them again to have the jobs geolocated.