If you would like to change some texts from english to english (translating to another language is described here) you can do it using SayWhat? plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core:

Say what?

After installing SayWhat? plugin go to Tools → Text Changes and click “Add New“. In “Original string” field write original text, then in “Text domain” field add workscout_core or workscout and in “Replacement string” field add new text.

Some texts might come from other plugins. Please click here to find instructions on how to find text_domain.

In this example we changed text above search input field on homepage from “What job are you looking for” to “Find great places to work”.

Click “Add” and voila:



How to find text_domain?

Install Text Domain Inspector: https://wordpress.org/plugins/text-domain-inspector/

Enable it at the admin toolbar and you will see red dots. Hover over a dot and you will see text domain relevt to the text you need.