WP Job Manager Core Add-on Bundle

WorkScout demo shows various functionality like Resumes, Applications, Job Bookmarks etc. The basic job listing and submision is done using free plugin WP Job Manager, however, all other functionality is available by using paid WP Job Manager add-ons . You can currently buy a  “Core Add-on Bundle” for 125$ which will give you this list of plugins:

  1. Resume Manager
  2. Job Alerts
  3. Indeed Integration
  4. Job Tags
  5. WC Paid Listings
  6. Simple Paid Listings
  7. Application Deadline
  9. Apply with XING
  10. Job Applications
  11. Embeddable Job Widget
  12. CareerBuilder Integration
  13. Apply with Facebook

All of this plugins are supported by WorkScout.If you’d like to import full demo content, you should buy and install all those plugins before doing this.