All new created websites are required by Google to use an API key to access the Google Maps API services.


To use the Maps JavaScript API, you must enable billing. You can enable billing separately (see Usage and Billing) or when you get your API key.

How to generate API key?

To generate your API key, you need to  access the Google Developer console. In the Google Developers Console, follow these steps:

Create Project

Generate API Key

It’s important to add your website URL to ” Accept requests from these HTTP referrers” field, make sure to add it as*

or if you’re on https*

This way all subdomains and subpages will be accepted. After adding it, click Create. It sometimes takes couple minutes to have your site accepted.

Make sure your domain is wrapped with asterisks like in example. Sometimes however this is not enough and you’ll see errors in Chrome Console that you’re website is not authorized to use that API. In that case, set the Key Restriction to “None

Copy API Key

And paste it in Setup Wizard – API Key step or if you skipped that step you can add your key in Travelmatic → Map Options

Then from the menu on the left navigate to ““Library” then find “Google Maps JavaScript API“,  “Google Maps Geocoding API” and “Google Maps Places API” and enable them.

Choose Google Maps JavaScript API and Enable service:

Done! Your maps should be working now.