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How to add maps to Custom Post Types

If you’re using Custom Post Type and want to add maps functionality to that post type, you can use this filter in your functions.php

function add_custom_post_type($args){
	$args[] = 'car';
	return $args;

This example adds Map to the “car” post_type.
Displaying the map is up to you, you can use

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[tp-single-map]' ); ?>

in your template file responsible for displaying your custom post type

Post Galleries and Sliders

Travelmatic gives you the possibility of displaying photos in posts in a nice Photo Grid or Photo Slider.

  1. To add new photo grid or slider click “Shortcodes” button in post editor.
  2. From the shortcodes list choose “Photogrid” or “Slider” and select images. If you have chosen “Photogrid” set proper photos size (XXL will makes your photos 100% wide so if you prefer grid with smaller photos select smaller size e.g. “S”). Then click “Insert Shortcode“.
  3.  Shortcode will contains IDs of your photos and grid/slider settings.

How to add boxes with featured posts?

You can use predefinied settings for featured post boxes or create your own in Travelmatic → Featured Boxes by clicking “Create New Featured Box”:

Go to Pages → All Pages and “Edit” page on which you want to show featured posts (you can display them on any page, not only homepage) .

Scroll down to “Page Options“, set “Featured Boxes” in “Page Top Section” and choose style in “Featured Boxes“. An alternative way of displaying featured posts is using shortcode in a page content (you should notice shortcode fields in screenshot above).

An example of “Featured Posts 2+3“:


How to add slider with featured posts?

Travelmatic has 4 different sliders. For each of them you can use predefinied settings or create your own in Travelmatic → Sliders by clicking “Create New Slider”:

Go to Pages → All Pages and “Edit” page on which you want to display slider (you can display it on any page, not only homepage) . Then scroll down to “Page Options“, set “Slider” in “Page Top Section” and select slider style in “Sliders“.

An example of “Boxed Slider Right Nav“:

Post With Small Map

By default newly added posts have full width map however you can use smaller map if you wish.
Go “Post Options” and choose “Small Map” in “Map Size” option.


Post With Fullscreen Image

To enable “Fullscreen Image” in a post scoll down to “Post Options” section then in “Post Top Section” select “Full Header Image” and upload your photo.

How to use emojis? ?

From 2010 onwards, many emoji character sets have been incorporated into Unicode,
a standard system for indexing characters which has allowed emojis to be standardized across different operating systems.

Emojis are supported on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. – simply ✂️ copy and paste? emoji wherever you want

Theme Options

You can change many theme options using customizer. Click “Customise” button in WordPress top bar to access settings.

Browse through options on the left and adjust them to your needs: