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How to add contact form?

Travelmatic demo uses  Contact form 7 plugin for contact form and it’s recommended one.

  1. Go to Contact → Add new (or edit current one) and in Form field paste what’s below:
     [text* text-120 placeholder "Name"]
     [email email-613 placeholder "Email Address"]
    [textarea textarea-37 placeholder "Message"]
    [submit "Send Message"]

  2. Then at the top of page you’ll see shortcode, for example  (it will have different ID on your website):
    [contact-form-7 id="123" title="Contact form 1"]

    Use it on a page where you want to have contact form.

Theme Translation

Travelmatic theme is translation ready. I assume your WordPress is already in your language. If not, go to Dashboard → Settings → General and change the Site language.

Method 1 – using Loco Translate

Install plugin  Loco Translate. After successful installation go to Loco Translate → Manage Localization, you should see this screen:
Download Loco Translate

Click  New language, select your language and click Start Translating.

Now you should see that screen where you can translate each string that is used in theme:

When you’re done, click “Save”.
It’s recommended to click both “Po” and “Mo” buttons to save them on your PC as a backup.

Method 2 – using PoEdit

Download  PoEdit and run it.

Click “Create new translation”, navigate to
wp-content/themes/travelmatic/languages and select default.pot“.

Now you can translate one by one each string from the theme, after you finish (you don’t need to translate everything, save the file as for example fr_FR.po, not fr.po like PoEdit suggest. That should generate two .po and .mo file.


Included Plugins

Travelmatic comes with some plugins bundled. They are installed during Setup Wizard process, and here’s an explaination what is what:

  1. Travellpress – it’s our own plugin that helps you create a manage google maps on your blog and posts.
  2. Purethemes Shortcodes – This will add new icon to your TinyMCe editor (the one you use to edit posts and pages) that will open a box with shortcode generator.
  3. WP Post Series – Lets you setup a simple series of posts using taxonomies. Posts within a series will show an information box above the content automatically with links to other posts in the series and a description.
  4. Silicon Counters – plugin that shows social networks buttons with statistics in widget. It supports: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, GitHub, SoundCloud, Steam and also standard WordPress numbers like a comments, users and posts.
  5. Web Fonts Social Icons – adds a widget and shortcode with icons from popular social sites.
  6. WP-PageNavi – this will replace standard “next/prev” page buttons with pagination list
  7. Instagram Feed – plugin for displaying Instagram feed

Setup Wizard

Travelmatic comes with an setup wizard that automatically imports demo data

You should see Setup Wizard page immediately after activating Travelmatic, if you don’t or you’ve skipped it, you can find it in Appearance Setup Wizard.

It’s pretty basic, you just need to confirm each step, the wizard will install and activate all required plugins, import all the content, and set basic options. There are few things you need to do manually after.

Setting Logo

The logo can be set in Appearance → Customize → Site Identity.