List of things that we are going to add in upcoming updates.

  1. Adults & Children in Guests dropdown and different pricing options for children
  2. Booking Confirmation form editor
  3. Calendar view
  4. Booking without registration
  5. Review reminder after booking
  6. Tax calculations
  7. Sort by distance
  8. Statistics
  9. Prices by periods (month to month, seasonal, etc)
  10. support
  11. [Relased] Classified Ad Type
  12. [Relased] PayPal split payments to owners
  13. [Relased] Promotions/Coupon Codes (listing owners will be able to create promotions and display them in widget):
  14. [Relased] Google Calendar Sync
  15. [Relased] Booking as an paid option in WooCommerce package
  16. [Relased] WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  17. [Relased] OpenStreetMap support for maps and location autocomplete (no need to use paid Google API anymore) Read More →
  18. [Relased] Date Range filter – users will be able to search through rental listings that are available at chosen time View →
  19. [Relased] Additional services/products in booking
  20. [Relased] Price Range tags and filters –
  21. [Relased] Drag&drop search forms & fields builder (like in our other theme, findeo: screenshot)
  22. [Relased] Message Vendor Widget:
  23. [Relased] Multi Criteria Reviews and verified review badge (for customers who made booking):
  24. [Relased] WP All Import Support