List of things that we are going to add in upcoming updates.

  1. Promotions/Coupon Codes (listing owners will be able to create promotions and display them in widget):
  2. Google Calendar Sync
  3. Booking as an paid option in WooCommerce package
  4. Adults & Children in Guests dropdown and different pricing options for children

  5. [Relased] WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  6. [Relased] OpenStreetMap support for maps and location autocomplete (no need to use paid Google API anymore) Read More →
  7. [Relased] Date Range filter – users will be able to search through rental listings that are available at chosen time View →
  8. [Relased] Additional services/products in booking
  9. [Relased] Price Range tags and filters –
  10. [Relased] Drag&drop search forms & fields builder (like in our other theme, findeo: screenshot)
  11. [Relased] Message Vendor Widget:
  12. [Relased] Multi Criteria Reviews and verified review badge (for customers who made booking):
  13. [Relased] WP All Import Support