As an site administrator you can take fee for each booking service. 

For an example: if the owner of a listing with an apartment booking service set a  fixed price of $50 for each day and you set 10% fee for booking service you will get $5 and pay rest ($45) to the vendor.

You can set comission rate in Dashboard → Listeo Core → General 

Payouts can be managed in Dashboard → Comissions.

By clicking “Make Payout” button you will be redirected to the page with unpaid orders summary. After making payout orders you will be redirected to next page with payout summary/withdrawal details. All orders will be marked as “processed” in listing owner’s “Wallet” page and his “Withdrawable Balance” counter will be reset.

You browse payouts history and check details of each payout in Comissions → Payouts History

Payment method chosen by listing owner will be visible above comissions table. Money transfer has to be done manually by the site administrator.

Vendors (listing owners) have an additional “Wallet” page in the dashboard where they can check summary of their earnings from bookings, payouts history and set payout method.